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Before You Apply

We are delighted you are interested in studying abroad. As you prepare to embark upon an experience that will change your life, the Office of International Education (OIE) is here to assist you. As you might expect, there are a number of key considerations we ask your loved ones and you to keep in mind as you contemplate an academic trip abroad. These include:

  • How studying abroad (in general) and a particular program/destination (specifically) fits with your major and overall study plans. We encourage you to explore these questions with your academic adviser as well as the Study Abroad Adviser before you start your application.

  • How you will meet the financial commitments associated with studying abroad. OIE offers a range of programs at a variety of price points. Our goal is to make study abroad accessible to all students. Federal and state financial aid can be applied to all OIE programs.

  • Study abroad is a complex undertaking which involves OIE, partner universities, in-country providers, foreign government agencies, and, most importantly, you! We ask you to actively engage with the process & commit to the following:

    • Regularly checking your UWSP email account for communications from OIE and our program partners

    • Reading and responding to those communications promptly

    • Attending all required meetings associated with your program

    • Taking ownership of this process and experience while committing to work closely with OIE and our program partners