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Flight Information

UW System regulations require all students who participate in UWSP study abroad programs to book their air travel through Fox World Travel. Air ticketing is approached differently based upon whether your program is short-term or semester-length.

Short-term program travelers and their leaders typically travel as a group to and from their destinations. OIE works with group leaders, in-country partners, and Fox World Travel to select a suitable itinerary for the group. We provide ticket booking guidance to travelers whose participation in the given program has been approved. Depending upon the size of the group, travelers may be responsible for (1) calling Fox World Travel to complete their individual bookings or (2) OIE may book tickets on your behalf.

Semester program travelers will be advised of preferred flight options based upon their program's official start and end dates. OIE will work with Fox World Travel to establish a "group code" for each semester program for travelers to reference when they call Fox World Travel to complete their bookings. Deviations from OIE's preferred flights are possible, but only with the permission of the OIE Director.

If you intend to deviate from a given program's preferred flights please be advised that the Fox World Travel requirement remains in force and that you will need to meet with the OIE Director to discuss & finalize your individual itinerary. All expenses associated with travel deviations are the responsibility of the individual traveler and are not included in program fees.