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Financing Basics

moneyStudy abroad and National Student Exchange is a great asset to your undergraduate resume, but it often costs more than a regular term on campus.  Plan ahead and begin saving money for it as early as possible!  Make sure to budget for extra spending money, the costs of a visa, and your airline tickets as well.

Financial Aid

Most importantly, meet with a UWSP Financial Aid adviser to calculate your aid eligibility.  Your Financial Aid package does apply to study abroad or NSE program for academic credit! 
Students are able to retain their current award of federal & state grants and loans for credit-bearing study abroad or NSE programs.  Enrollment of at least half time is necessary to receive Federal Loans.  During summer term, this means at least six credits (12 credits is full time for summer). Other forms of aid such as scholarships and grants are available in summer even if you are enrolling in only three credits. Students who receive a Pell grant can receive a pro-ration of the grant based on their enrollment. 

UWSP Financial Aid Office*
Room 103 Student Services Center
Phone: (715) 346-4771
 *First, check with the Financial Aid Office about your current status!

Loan Assistance

Students may be able to receive additional loans (available under the Parent PLUS, DIRECT or  Alternative Student Loan program through private lenders—banks, savings and loan associations, or credit unions) to help finance their study abroad program. For more detailed information click here.

Wisconsin G.I. Bill Information 

If you are eligible for tuition remission opportunities under the Wisconsin G.I. Bill please check with OIE to see if the program you are interested in is eligible. Please also contact the Veteran Coordinator at 715-346-3237 to verify your eligible benefits.

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