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Refund Policy

Study Abroad Programs 

All study abroad participants assume financial responsibilities for their international experience well before the official U.S. departure date. International programming requires advance payments made on behalf of each individual participant to secure services such as academic lectures, tours, airfare, and housing accommodations. Please read the following withdrawal and refund policy carefully.

Airline Tickets: Any airline tickets purchased on the student's behalf by the UWSP Office of International Education are the student's personal property and financial responsibility. These airline tickets are not part of the UWSP study abroad program fee and thus are not covered by the following refund policy.

Required Written Statement of Withdrawal: In order for a student to be considered officially withdrawn from a study abroad program, the student must provide an emailed statement of withdrawal that is confirmed by a staff member in the Office of International Education. The date a student's withdrawal is confirmed in writing by OIE is the official date of withdrawal for the purposes of refund calculations.

Official Program Dates: Unless otherwise indicated, the day a student/student group departs the U.S. is the official program start date. 

Program Fee Refund Policy for Withdrawal Before the Official Program Commences:
  • More than one hundred (100) days before the official program start date: The Office of International Education will retain the non-refundable application fee and charge a $250 cancellation fee. The application fee is not transferable.
  • One hundred (100) days to thirty-one (31) days before the official program start date: The Office of International Education will retain the non-refundable application fee and charge a $250 cancellation fee as well as assess penalties for any purchased or reserved transportation, accommodation arrangements, and any instructional costs that on-site providers assess as well as any other program expenditure incurred to the date of withdrawal.
  • Thirty (30) days or less before the official program start date: The Office of International Education will assess the penalties listed above for the period from one hundred days to thirty-one days, but participants should be aware that on-site providers and other pre-purchased services may be fully non-refundable. 
Generally, no refund of any part of the program cost is possible for withdrawal once a program has officially begun.

National Student Exchange

The $100 UWSP NSE application fee is not refundable. The $500 NSE placement fee is not refundable if NSE placement was attempted and/or accepted.

If no placement was attempted and a student wishes to withdraw fourteen (14) or fewer days before the scheduled placement, OIE will retain a $250 cancellation fee.

Before and during the semester on exchange, students are subject to UWSP cancellation policies regarding tuition payments made to UWSP.  Students are subject to the host university cancellation policies regarding any host university housing, meals and fees.

Note for all programs

Individual participants are responsible for all expenses and fees charged for their participation. Any outstanding payments due may be applied to the participant’s UWSP Billing Account.
UWSP does not purchase trip cancellation insurance for program participants. Individuals are encouraged to research trip cancellation insurance options and choose personally whether or not to purchase it.