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Health Information and Insurance

UWSP Health Services will hold a session on campus to explain the recommendations and procedures for obtaining immunizations if any are recommended for your student’s destination(s). The Center for Disease Control maintains a website of current worldwide immunization recommendations ( Non-UWSP students should consult with their campus health provider or private physician.
Students who need prescription medications should take along an adequate supply with written instructions from a physician. The instructions are in case of an emergency. Prescription medications should be transported in their original packaging at all times. Students should contact their medical insurance providers to determine coverage for prescriptions and payment options while abroad.
Per UW System requirements, students must purchase health insurance for study abroad, and each year System negotiates a group policy that is as comprehensive and affordable as possible. This coverage is included in our program costs. The current required policy is administered by CISI-Cultural Insurance Services International. But please note: Overseas hospitals and clinics will normally expect payment upon receipt of services. Your student will need to keep all receipts and medical notes given to them overseas as these will be needed for completion of CISI claim forms and reimbursement. Your student will also receive information on how to set up an online account with CISI, titled “my CISI: Participant Portal.”
Trip Insurance:
UWSP does not provide travel cancellation insurance. Please feel free to purchase a policy if you prefer.